On January 24th the local Brownie Scouts earned their Health Habits “Try-It” Badge. Brownie Troop 37233  and their parents visited Dr. Kristy Gretzula at Hawley Lane Dental in Stratford, CT. The Girl Scout leaders and parents target activities for the Brownies that promote interest in pursuing a career in Math and Science.

To earn the badge, the Brownies had to complete the following:

Requirement #1

Field Trip Idea

Visit your local Dentist

Requirement #2

Keep track of how often you brush your teeth for 1 week

Beautiful Smile Worksheet

Color and Record how often you brush your teeth

Requirement #3

For 1 week, write down how many times you eat food with calcium in it.

Calcium Counts Worksheet

Calcium Quiz

Requirement #5

Print the poster below and have girls sing the song while washing up before snack

Washing Works Poster

Requirement #6

Play the Feelings Game