Coconut Oil Could Combat Tooth Decay

“Digested coconut oil is able to attack the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It is a natural antibiotic that could be incorporated into commercial dental care products, say scientists presenting their work at the Society for General Microbiology’s Autumn Conference at the University of Warwick.”

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6 Signs You Have The Wrong Dental Insurance

Hilarious and some home truths, for example:

“3. The fine print says they will pay on your claim only on the 4th Tuesday of every other month, but only if it’s raining.

4. The insurance company’s philosophy is that they prefer not to pay for prevention, and certainly not for major treatment. (Yeah, I’m still scratching my head on that one.)

5. The insurance company denies coverage due to a pre-existing condition: that you have teeth.”

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Top 5 Foods to Ward Off Bad Breath

“Bad breath is an issue that affects all of us. Bad breath can be caused by the various foods we eat or poor oral hygiene. Whatever the cause is everyone wants to know how to keep it away.”

Some useful tips such as what to chew (herbs), how to mask it (gum) and what not to eat (white sugar).

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Food for Healthy Teeth

“When you drink and munch starchy or sugary foods, you’re not only feeding yourself, you’re feeding the plaque that can cause havoc in your mouth … When sugars or starches in your mouth come in contact with plaque, the acids that result can attack teeth for 20 minutes or more after you finish eating.”

Very glad to see cheese is on the list!

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