It is common knowledge that brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily as well as regular dental visits are vital to keeping your teeth at their healthiest. There are additional ways you can keep your smile looking and feeling its best in between dental check-ups…

Chew gum after meals

Chewing sugar-free gum after you finish eating helps stimulate saliva flow. With an increase in saliva, the teeth are rinsed and food particles are broken down and washed away leading to a cleaner mouth. Research has also suggested that chewing gums sweetened with xylitol (two pieces after each meal) or cinnamon can help in preventing bacteria from forming cavities.

Drink Tea

Tea contains flavonoids which have long been known for their health benefits but recent research has shown their dental benefit as well. Flavonoids can inhibit bacteria from forming plaque and ultimately causing cavities. Black tea, in particular, contains natural fluoride which also can help prevent cavities. Tea sweetened with sugar or honey can have the opposite affect however and lead to an increase in cavities. It is best to drink your tea unsweetened or use an artificial sweetener.

Eat a more balanced diet

Diets rich in calcium, vitamin C and E as well as folic acid and non-acidic foods help contribute to healthier gums and a possible decrease in cavities. Cheese, nuts, popcorn, vegetables and high protein foods such as eggs or meats are healthier choices when choosing a snack or meal. Healthier foods will not only contribute to better oral health but also a overall better bill of health.

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