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Pain-Free Laser Dentistry near You in Stratford CT

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Hawley Lane Dental is pleased to announce that we will now be offering laser dentistry near you at our office in Stratford, CT. Dr. Gretzula … Click to open this link in the same window … is a certified practitioner of the Solea laser … Click to open this link in the same window … .

This cutting-edge technology allows patients a minimally invasive option for most dental treatments as it does not require the use of a drill or needle freezing.

Laser dentistry has been around for over thirty years but has been refined over the past decade. If you’re interested in learning more about laser dentistry and call our office … Click to open this link in the same window … today!

Learn more about the following:

Pain-Free Dentistry Means No Drills or Needles

No needles? No Problem!

The most important thing to know about laser dentistry is that it’s needle-free!

Using a dental laser means that we no longer have to use anesthesia, Novocaine, or any other type of numbing agent.

That means no more numb lips after a dental procedure and no more needles!

You can go back to your day without worrying about hours of numbing. Here at Hawley Lane Dental, we are proud to be a Solea laser dentist office, offering our patients the very best pain-free female dentist near you – Dr. Kristy Gretzula!

If you are looking for no needle dentistry near you in Stratford, CT, we encourage you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Right now, more than ever, we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to health and safety protocols.

Using dental lasers makes visiting the dentist safer than ever before. A dental laser, by nature, is a much better disinfectant than any other tool we use today.

The energy of the laser helps to prevent the spread of many different viruses, including COVID-19. Also, since we’re no longer drilling into teeth, there are fewer aerosols in the air, meaning there is a much lower chance of bacteria or virus particles floating in the air as well.

If you are looking for local pain-free laser dentistry near you, look no further than the team here at Hawley Lane Dental.


Benefits of Using a Dental Laser

See why the best pain-free dentist in Stratford, CT uses the Solea Laser.

  • Pain-free dentistry
  • No needle dentistry
  • No numbing
  • No anesthesia
  • Drill-free dentistry
  • No noise or vibrations
  • Cleaner (significantly reduced aerosols vs. traditional drill)
  • Faster procedures
  • Better disinfectant (energy of laser sterilizes and kills bacteria and viruses)

If you are interested in laser dentistry services in Stratford contact our office for more information.

What Our Patients Say

Read one of our reviews and see why patients refer us so often to friends & family. If you’re looking for a top-rated “pain-free dentist near me” then look no further than Hawley Lane Dental.

‘‘I just came back from Hawley Lane Dental Doctor Gretzula and her team are fantastic!! I had the most amazing visit with this dental group. I can truly say bye-bye to Novocain 👋 they used a laser on my filling and I had zero pain!! Growing up in the 60-70’s the dentist office was like going to a torture chamber but not anymore. I highly recommend this dental practice’’

Maria Morris - Rating: 5/5

Laser Dentistry FAQ
  • How Much Does a Laser Dentistry Cost in Stratford, CT?

    With such cutting-edge technology, you might be wondering, “What is the cost of Solea laser dental treatments?”

    And naturally, you’d be wondering if it’s significantly more expensive than traditional methods. We are happy to say that laser dentistry costs for cavity fillings and soft tissue procedures with a laser are no different than our traditional treatment costs.

    That’s right, no need to analyze Google for “laser dentistry cost stratford ct” – there’s no difference in cost here at Hawley Lane Dental!

  • Can Children Have Laser Dentistry?

    A stress-free dental visit with your kids might be hard to imagine but with our new Solea laser, it’s now possible.

    Say goodbye to the days of needles, drills, and other “scary” things about the dentist. If your child has a cavity, we can repair it without drilling so there will be no loud noises or vibrations. You also won’t have to worry about your child biting their tongue, lips, or cheeks after being numbed.

    We want to make your child’s dental experience as positive as possible and the Solea laser is a very helpful way to do this, especially when it comes to laser fillings.

    It is the best no-needle, drill-free, pain-free laser dentistry option out there.

  • Can Laser Dentistry Fill Cavities?

    Getting a cavity filled can be a stressful process for many people but with the use of a dental laser, it doesn’t have to be.

    Laser cavity filling has become quite popular in the dental industry because of how precise it is, simply targeting the decaying area of the cavity while leaving the rest of the healthy tooth tissue untouched.

    The focused beam of light is perfect for laser cavity removal. Not only that but patients typically don’t need to have their mouths numbed when using a laser to treat a cavity.

    If you are looking for no-needle dentistry in Stratford to deal with your cavities, contact Hawley Lane Dental.

  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Laser Dentistry?

    There are many pros to having laser dental surgery, not only is it faster and less invasive than more traditional drilling methods of dealing with cavities, gum issues, or other oral problems, but it also does not require the patient to have anesthesia before treatment.

    For those who have an aversion to needles, this is the perfect solution it is no-needle dentistry. And no anesthesia means the whole process goes faster; you are in and out much quicker and able to get on with your day without having to wait for the numbing sensation to wear off.

    It is also a perfect solution for soft tissue, which is perfect for laser dentistry.

    Approved by the FDA, laser dentistry is growing in popularity due to its accuracy and safe usage, as well as minimal invasiveness and lack of need to be coupled with anesthesia. It also does not require the use of a drill, so it is a drill-free dentistry option for people who do not like the feeling or sound of a drill in their mouths.

  • Can Laser Dentistry Treat Snoring?

    Snoring is an immensely common condition. Over 70% of the population in the United States snores on a regular basis.

    It is particularly common in individuals over the age of 50 and in those that are overweight.

    Although snoring might seem harmless enough, besides the annoyance it can cause for those trying to sleep around the snoring person, it can actually lead to serious health issues.

    The problem with snoring is that it can affect the quality of sleep a person gets, and at times it can actually be a sign of a much more serious health condition, sleep apnea, where a person suffers from an abnormal breathing pattern while asleep with lengthy pauses in breath.

    Getting a poor night’s sleep can lead to a number of health problems, including the risk of:

    • High blood pressure
    • Stroke
    • Heart attack
    • Depression
    • Weight gain
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Fatigue
  • What Causes Snoring?

    It’s a common question, why do people snore?

    Snoring is caused by the air that you breathe in through either your mouth or nose vibrating against the soft palate of the back of the roof of your mouth and throat. When you are in a relaxed state during the sleep cycle the muscles and soft tissue of the palate area also relax, making them more likely to vibrate.

    This combined with the usual horizontal position taken while sleeping, can lead to snoring issues.

    Depending on the force of the air coming in and the softness of the tissues that the air is moving around, you can end up with anything from a soft purr sound to a loud rumble that could wake even the heaviest of sleepers.

    Snoring can also lead to dry mouth which can increase your risk of gingivitis and tooth decay.

  • How Can Lasers Treat Snoring?

    For years people have been trying to conquer snoring, coming up with apparatuses both large and small to help alleviate the purrs and rumbles of a snoring person, like nasal strips or mouth guards.

    There are also more invasive surgical options for severe snorers, such as a tonsillectomy, where the tonsils are removed, or septoplasty, where the deviated septum of the nose is reshaped to improve airflow.

    All of these treatments focus on airflow, whereas a new cutting-edge technology has recently been developed that focuses on the soft palate, the skin tissues that cause the snoring sounds with their vibrations.

    Here at Hawley Lane Dental, a top-rated family dentist, we offer a fantastic snoring solution.

    The Solea Sleep is a dental procedure using light laser energy focused on the soft tissues of the palate. The Solea laser’s specific wavelength gently and quickly tightens the collagen fibers of the soft palate tissue reducing their ability to vibrate when a person is asleep, thus reducing or ending snoring altogether.

  • How Long Does the Snoring Treatment Take?

    The actual time of the laser treatment to cure your snoring is about five minutes. Including getting checked in at our office, settled into the exam room, and any post-treatment assessment, you could expect to be here at our family dental clinic for about half an hour.

  • Does Snoring Laser Treatment Hurt?

    The laser wavelength is very gentle, causing no pain or discomfort at all during the procedure. Most patients say that they feel nothing while undergoing Solea Sleep’s snoring laser treatment. After the procedure, there is a slight potential for mild tissue soreness or irritation, which typically fades after 24 hours.

  • How Effective Is Laser Treatment for Snoring?

    The results from undergoing snoring laser treatment are quite dramatic; over 95% of patients that have had laser treatment for their snoring have reported improvement. Most patients only have to have one five-minute treatment session to achieve results, while some need a secondary follow-up appointment. And the tightening of the palate skin, which reduces snoring, typically lasts anywhere from 12-15 months. Once the results begin to fade, as the skin will eventually soften, another quick five-minute session can be booked again.

Contact Hawley Lane Dental

Learn more about dental lasers and snoring laser treatment.

Solea laser dentistry isn’t just for filling cavities. We can help with overgrown gums from braces, gummy smiles, frenectomies, and snoring treatments.

If you live in the Stratford, CT area and snoring has been causing you or a loved one to suffer, call us.

We would be happy to discuss your options with you and set up a laser treatment time to help you deal with your snoring and give you a better night’s sleep.

Still not sure? This video helps to illustrate the effectiveness of the Solea Laser at preventing the spread of viruses vs. a traditional drill:

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