Straight teeth are not just a cosmetic necessity anymore. More and more adults are opting to straighten their teeth with braces or invisalign in order to prevent future dental problems that can be both costly and unsightly.


Crooked teeth or teeth with large gaps are harder to keep clean for both patients as well as dental professionals. Often, bacteria will build up in hard to reach tight or larger areas and lead to gum disease, heavy staining or cavities. The need for periodontal treatments and fillings may arise if this happens. When teeth are properly aligned it is easier for you and your hygienist to access and remove the harmful bacteria. This results in healthier gums that “fit” around your teeth better as well as an overall healthier looking smile.

Teeth that are not properly positioned do not all hit or bite together evenly. This leads to abnormal wearof these teeth. You may notice certain teeth begin to look shorter compared to others or may even crack from the pressure. Your jaw or TMJ may also begin to feel painful from the unbalanced bite. If this begins to happen, bite splints and crowns can help correct the problem. Correcting the bite so that all teeth are evenly hitting will help prevent this discomfort.


Braces or invisalign may seem like an expensive treatment option initially however, the prevention of infection, sensitivity and expensive dental work makes straightening your teeth a valuable decision. The added confidence and beauty of straight teeth makes orthodontics a clear winner for most patients.

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