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Choosing the Right Dentistry for Your Family

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At Hawley Lane Dental … Click to open this link in the same window … , our Stratford dentist office offers convenient dental care for every family member, from infants and children to teens and adults.

Our dental office is central for people who live and work in Stratford, Trumbull, Shelton, and Bridgeport, CT. Dr. Kristy Gretzula … Click to open this link in the same window … is committed to helping everyone in your family to maintain their dental health as they grow. Our friendly staff makes time for you, from reassuring nervous toddlers at their first dentist appointment to helping teens choose the right braces for their lifestyle!


What Is a Family Dentist?

Discover how our dentists are different from other Stratford dentists.

Also referred to as a general dentist, a family dentist has received a college degree and has graduated from an accredited dental school. They have passed licensure exams and are well-versed in all areas of dentistry. Family dentists provide care to all members of your family, from young to old.

At Hawley Lane Dental, we can provide most aspects of dental care for the entire family. All dentists begin their training in dental school following their college degrees. At the end of school, dentists must pass multiple rigorous board exams to receive their doctor’s license.

Some dentists will choose to specialize in a particular area, such as endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics … Click to open this link in the same window … , or prosthodontics. Specialists will treat focus on just one area of dentistry, such as performing only root canals … Click to open this link in the same window … , while family dentists (general dentists) provide care in all areas of dentistry.

Most families juggle multiple schedules during the week and weekends. Between school, work, daycare, and extracurricular activities, little free time is left. Rather than scheduling multiple appointments at several offices, all family members can be seen at the same time in the same office! Family dentists can save the hassle of extra trips to multiple locations for different family members.


Top Dental Services for the Whole Family

A general dentist can treat the needs of their patients no matter their age or stage in life.

What to Look for In a Family Dentist

Your family’s comfort is your priority, and it's ours too!

If you are looking for a Stratford family dentist … Click to open this link in the same window … , a dentist in Trumbull, a dentist in Shelton, or a dental clinic in Bridgeport, CT, it’s important to find a dental clinic that makes you feel comfortable receiving treatment and asking questions. While a family dental group does not need to be full of cartoons and characters, it’s important to be child-friendly. How the dental team approaches your child and, in turn, how you and your child respond to the dental team will determine a good fit!

Whether you choose a dentist’s office for your whole family or separate adult and pediatric offices, the most important thing is that you and your family feel comfortable. A welcoming environment, clean and updated facilities, and a competent and caring dental team can make all the difference between a positive and negative experience at the dentist.

We invite you to visit our family dentistry office to experience the Hawley Lane Dental difference, and you can find out more about your first visit. … Click to open this link in the same window …  If you’re seeking a dentist with payment plans in CT, we’ve got you covered for all your dental care needs.

Family Dentist Serving Stratford, CT & the Surrounding Areas?

If you live in or around Stratford, CT, and are looking for a new family dentist in Stratford, CT near you, at Hawley Lane Dental, we proudly serve Trumbull, Bridgeport, Shelton, and other surrounding areas with the same commitment we provide to our local patients.

Our office is only 10 minutes away from both Trumbull and Bridgeport, yet our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services make a world of difference in creating beautiful, healthy teeth … Click to open this link in the same window … and healthy smiles … Click to open this link in the same window … . Contact our office, conveniently located near Target, Big Y, and the Marriott on Hawley Lane right off Route 8 and the Merritt Parkway for easy access, to book your appointment today … Click to open this link in a new window … .

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Family Dentist FAQ

  • How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

    Every six months is the recommended guideline for when to book a trip to the dentist, but every person’s oral health is unique. Depending on the state of your teeth and gums, you may need to visit your local family dentist more often, or possibly less, in the 9-12 months range if you aren’t experiencing any issues and your teeth are in decent shape.

  • When Should My Child Have Their First Visit to the Dentist?

    Visiting the dentist early on and regularly can help to improve your child’s comfort level with going to the dentist, which will lead to better oral health in the long run. Here at Hawley Lane Dental, we recommend an initial assessment with a family dentist in your area around the one-year-old mark.

  • What Should I Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist?

    A family dentist is hopefully a relationship that will last your lifetime, so choosing one can require a considerable amount of thought. When visiting the potential dentist’s office for the first time, you should look at how easy it is to book an appointment. Are there significant wait times? How organized and clean is the office? Does the dentist explain everything they are doing? Is my family comfortable with the staff? How friendly are they? And does the dentist have a good reputation in the area?

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