Can a Tooth Infection Cause a Sore Throat?

Do You Have a Sore Throat?

Can a tooth infection cause a sore throat

Yes, a tooth infection can cause a sore throat. Typically infections in wisdom teeth or untreated abscesses may feel like a sore throat and may even be accompanied by swollen lymph node glands as if you have a common cold.

Many patients can experience a sore throat as a secondary symptom, and not realize the cause of the pain is actually their teeth.

It’s also important to look out for additional symptoms of tooth infection such as pain in the tooth, swelling of the face and/or jaw, a bad taste or smell in your mouth, or difficulty chewing.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call our trusted Stratford, CT dentist office immediately for prompt treatment & compassionate care.

Toothache Causes & FAQs: What You Need to Know

Little toothaches turn into big problems! And tooth infection leads to tooth pain…and more.

It is not uncommon for patients to ignore the start of dental discomfort in hopes that it will resolve on its own. Unfortunately, a slight sensitivity will eventually turn into an unrelenting pain that isn’t always easily relieved without professional dental treatment by a local dentist near you.

As you can imagine, we field a lot of questions about toothaches here at Hawley Lane Dental.

Here are more frequently asked questions and answers from our top-rated Stratford, CT family dentist, Dr. Kristy Gretzula.

Got a toothache, sore throat, and maybe some intermittent pain or discomfort?

It makes sense that you’d be asking yourself if the sore throat is because of that toothache. Or maybe you take to Google and search, “can tooth infection cause sore throat” or “can dental issues cause sore throat?”

If an infection is the source of a toothache, and it’s left untreated, the infection may spread to nearby organs, even the brain, turning an easily treatable tooth issue into a major health concern.

  • Can a Toothache Cause Ear Pain?

    Yes, a toothache can cause ear pain too. When a tooth has decayed or is infected, pain and inflammation can radiate throughout the area, causing inflamed gums, sore throat, and ear pain.

    Infections and abscesses – the root causes of a toothache – often cause ear pain, leading the patient to suspect an ear infection. Conversely, an earache can also lead to tooth pain.

    Just like how a wisdom tooth infection can cause a sore throat, a toothache can be the cause of ear pain in some patients.

    Since your molars are located on the sides of your head, closer to the ears, an abscessed molar can be felt in the corresponding ear leaving patients to think they have an ear infection – but it’s really the infected tooth causing the toothache and associated ear pain.

  • When Can Dental Issues Cause Sore Throat?

    When a tooth has decayed or is infected, pain and inflammation can radiate throughout the area, causing inflamed gums, sore throat, and earache symptoms.

    If you have inflamed gums, a sore throat, or ear pain in addition to the symptoms listed above on this page, we recommend getting in to see us as soon as possible.

    Infections can spread quickly, and in addition to being incredibly painful, can also be incredibly dangerous.

  • What Are the Symptoms of a Toothache?

    Can a Tooth Infection Cause a Sore Throat

    It’s always advisable to look for additional symptoms to determine whether you have a tooth infection. Refer to our list of symptoms below.

    9 Common Toothache Symptoms

    Although everyone knows when they have a toothache, there are some symptoms of tooth infection that patients might not realize are caused by a toothache, sore throat is a common one.

    Here are nine more:

    • Pain around a tooth or anywhere in the jaw

    • Pain while chewing

    • Tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sugar, or toothbrush

    • Bleeding or swelling around a tooth, gums, or anywhere in the mouth

    • Pus or a pimple around a tooth or gums

    • Pain in or around the ear

    • Difficulty or painful swallowing

    • Pain or swelling felt outside the mouth such as the throat, eyes, lips, or cheeks

    • Inflamed gums, sore throat, and earache

    Although many people try to put off going to the dentist as long as they can with a toothache, it’s important to get your symptoms checked out as soon as possible.

    Sometimes tooth, jaw, or cheekbone pain may be the result of a different health issue, such as gum diseaseTMJ, a sinus infection, ear infection, or even something more serious, such as a heart attack.

  • What Are Some Common Toothache Causes?

    There are a number of reasons that a person could be experiencing the pain of a toothache, including;

    • Cavity

    • Tooth abscess (infection)

    • Gum disease

    • Tumors (benign or malignant)

    • Trauma

    • Cracked tooth

    • Wisdom teeth

    • Sinus, ear, or throat infection

  • How Do I Relieve Tooth Pain? Do This, Not That
    • Do try over-the-counter pain medication such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen (check with your doctor first)

    • Do apply oral numbing gels around the affected tooth

    • Do apply ice packs for swelling

    • Do apply moist heat for soreness

    • Don’t place aspirin on your tooth, gums, or cheek (it may burn the tissue)

    • Don’t take any medication such as antibiotics or narcotics that were not prescribed for you or for your toothache

    • Don’t ignore your symptoms

Emergency Toothache Treatment Near You in Stratford, CT

Thanks to emergency dental care, patients no longer have to suffer needlessly.

At Hawley Lane Dental in Stratford, we have a same-day policy for treating all dental emergencies and injuries, such as:

  • Toothaches

  • Abscesses

  • Broken or chipped tooth

  • Lost tooth

  • Lost crown

  • Broken dentures

  • Painful gums

Whether it’s because of dental anxiety or worry over the cost of dental treatment, patients who choose to ignore a toothache or choose not to have necessary dental treatment will eventually be faced with more complex and costly procedures.

At worst, a toothache ignored for a long period of time may result in tooth extraction as the only option. Not only can toothaches lead to tooth loss, but they may also adversely affect a patient’s overall health.

If you are experiencing a toothache or know you have a tooth infection, we strongly urge you to book an appointment at your earliest possible convenience, the pain & infection are not just going to go away without treatment.

In fact, the pain & infection will worsen. Call us now to book an appointment.

Once the cause of your toothache has been diagnosed, we will outline the best treatment option for you such as a filling, root canal, deep cleaning, crowns or caps, dental bridge, dental extraction, or dental implant.

Call us today at 203-377-9300 to tell us about your symptoms or make an appointment for a dental exam!

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