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One of the reasons patients avoid visiting the dentist is financing costs. Many patients associate dental care as being too expensive. Unfortunately, dentists and their front line staff aren’t always perfect when it comes to clearly communicating dental insurance coverage information, coverage maximums, and other costs of dentistry services. Hawley Lane Dental is a dentist accepts Cigna.

At Hawley Lane Dental,we take the time to carefully review all of your treatment costs, dental insurance coverage, and provide an accurate out of pocket estimate. Our knowledgeable dentistry team members work with dental insurance providers regularly, and we are happy to apply for benefit pre-authorization to ensure you know exactly what costs to expect.

Working with dental insurance plans can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions. We’re happy to process and file dental insurance claims for most major PPO benefit plans, and we are in-network providers for a number of insurers, including Cigna Dental. If you have questions about your Cigna Dental plan, call our Stratford dental office today. We’ll do our best to answer your questions over the phone or schedule a consultation to review your policy.

How Your Cigna Dental Insurance Plan Works

Every Cigna Dental plan is a unique agreement between a patient, or employer, and Cigna. However, we frequently work with Cigna Dental plans, and our team is happy to help you understand your coverage. First, we’ll review your policy, so we can provide accurate out of pocket cost estimates for any necessary services.

Like most dental insurance, Cigna Dental plans pay for a percentage of the cost of listed treatments. In addition to covering specific treatments, Cigna also outlines what they consider to be the average price for each treatment, and the coverage percentage up to a maximum price. Finally, your plan will also have an annual maximum. This is the highest dollar amount your plan will cover for all dental services in any given year.

Maximize Coverage with Preventive Care

Dental insurance may still seem a pretty complicated. However, there is one simple way to maximize your dental insurance coverage – visit our office for preventive dental appointments. Preventive dentistry services often receive 80 to 100% coverage from Cigna Dental. These appointments are the best way to keep a healthy smile and avoid the need for more advance dentistry procedures that receive less insurance coverage.

Benefits of In-Network Dental Care

In-network dental coverage essentially means that our office has agreed to your Cigna Dental insurance plan’s “fair and average” pricing. Because we charge only these agreed upon fees, you will only be responsible for the out of pocket portion of the cost. Patients who visit out of network providers may need to pay the difference in cost between the insurer’s fair pricing and your dentist’s fees in addition to the out of pocket portion of treatment costs. This difference in price is typically minimal but visiting an in-network dentist means you don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

Cigna Dental Limitations and Restrictions

There are certain services that will have a frequency limitation. Standard plans include frequency limitations for the following dental procedures:

  • Cleanings – 2 per the calendar year
  • Exams – Routine: 2 per year. Problem-focused: 2 per year
  • Fluoride treatment – 1 per year for children under age 16
  • Bitewing X-rays – one set per the calendar year
  • Full mouth X-rays – one set every 3 rolling years
  • Sealants – 1 per tooth every 3 rolling years under age 16; permanent molars only
  • Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) – 4 separate quadrants every 2 rolling years
  • Periodontal maintenance – 2 per the calendar year following active therapy
  • Gingivectomy – 1 per quadrant or site every 3 rolling years
  • Periodontal Osseous surgery – 1 per quadrant every 3 rolling years
  • Space maintainers – no age limit (covered for premature loss of primary teeth only)
  • Denture and crown replacement – must be at least 8 years old
  • Dental implant – coverage varies – call for detail

Please see your specific Cigna plan document or call our office for details. We will be happy to make sure that you are maximizing your benefits coverage while limiting you out of pocket costs.

Standard cigna dental plan limitations and restrictions.pdf

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